Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Social Media Has Changed The Business Model of Journalism, How do Journalists Make Money, Today?

How has Social Media changed the Revenue Model of Sports Journalism?

It is no secret that the news media is shifting away from media used in the past; Newspapers, Magazines, Ect. Now, Twitter and other social media seem to be the dominant source of relaying news. My question is, with print predominantly going out of fashion, how has the revenue model changed for news stations. My question stems from the previous business model that was instilled for quite some time, where the money came from advertisers. Essentially journalists wrote stories in order to gather a mass audience. The higher amount of readers, in other words the higher average of daily readers, the more advertisers would be willing to pay.

Instead of paying for print, people use free technology

Many charts show the decline of print, and the outlook does not seem positive for the future. In the end it makes sense, why would people pay for printed journalism when they can get the same exact news from the Internet or from twitter. Technology is offering a cheaper and more efficient way receive news. My question is, with this entirely new free media accessible to the mass public, how are news organizations making money? I understand that it is possible to advertise online, there are many loopholes in that kind of advertising that I will not discuss in this post, but advertising online one is never guaranteed money like they would have been advertising in a printed source. The next issue stems from twitter. From my knowledge this is one of the most influential news medias in the country, to this day. However, there seems to be no way, in which the journalist is directly benefitted, meaning receiving compensation for the work he/she has done.

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